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Iridescent Glitter

Iridescent Glitter

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Layaway Code: Enter STAR25 at checkout to put a 25% deposit on your order of $50 or more. You will be invoiced for the rest after checkout and you will have 4 weeks from the date of the round closing to pay your invoice. 

Enter STAR50 at checkout to put a 50% deposit on your order of $50 or more.You will be invoiced for the rest after checkout and you will have 4 weeks from the date of the round closing to pay your invoice. 

This is a pre-order we have multiple bases available. 

95/5 - 230-260gsm cotton lycra - 58-60inches
88/12 - 200-230gsm swim UV SPF50+ rated - 58-60inches

100% polyester minky - 230-250gsm - 58-60 inches

100% cotton woven - 140-160gsm - 58 inches

93/7 - 210-220 double brushed polyester - 58-60 inches

100% cotton canvas - 280gsm - 58 inches

95/5 bamboo lycra - 240gsm - 58-60 inches

100% Poly Boardshort fabric - 57-58 inches - 150-170gsm

100% Cotton Knit French Terry - 58-60 inches - 230-280gsm

100% Polyester Chiffon - 58-60 inches - 65gsm 

Double-Sided polyester - also know as Double sided minky - Floof (aka Squish) with pile - 58-60inches - 380gsm

*We currently print on multiple fabric types including cotton lycra, poly swim, minky, cotton woven, french terry, brushed poly**, and bamboo lycra. All fabric is printed using high quality dyes. Fabric width is 52-63 inches depending on the fabric purchased. All fabric is printed digitally unless otherwise specified.***
**Please note that due to the process of making Brushed Poly, the brushing can cause the images printed to not have a the normal crispness that our other fabrics have. This will not be treated as a flaw. Not all designs will be offered on DBP due to this. ***In regards to Borders prints/panels and circle panels. As we often use real world photography for these designs, you can expect them to have real world effects. Many photographs have blur/bokeh/focus from different aperture, shutter speed and ISO used on the photo in different areas and may not be perfectly sharp like typical design work. This is not a flaw. This is part of the photo transferring to fabric and is completely normal. Transferring photography by digital printing onto knit fabrics is completely different than transferring them to paper or canvas. We always do our best to make sure these are clear, but the photos can lose clarity, as they are made larger and larger. Also due to the nature of these prints and printing, the roundness is an approximate measure. With this new style printing process, the files are sent 100% round but due to the nature of the machine that pulls the prints thru the machine, the panels may become imperfect at times causing some irregularities in the shape of the circle panel. This can lead to irregular sizes up to 6 inches in difference longer or shorter, especially on bamboo lycra due to the stretch and lack of structure. Linear panel sizes/panel yard sizes are approximate estimates and may be within an 1-3in of the stated sizes. Minky and/or woven blanket toppers can also have shrinkages during printing between 1-5 inches. Sizes are APPROXIMATES. These are large panels. The size difference will not be refunded.
*Please note that all fabric bases WILL absorb color differently due to their fiber content. Natural fibers will absorb colors and inks very differently than synthetic man made fibers. THIS IS NOT A FLAW.
*Pre-orders will be opened 1-2x a month. Turn around for each order to be submitted to the printer, printed, and shipped to me is 3-12 weeks. This time frame begins once the round ends. This can run longer or shorter depending on holidays, storms, customs processing, government shut downs (on China’s end) and also the size of the round etc. We will keep you updated as to any delays that may happen on the main page and in the updates file, on the wall, and in each rounds album/file. You can often find info about a round by typing the round name into the search box, with a hashtag, Or the word, #update. After that time we estimate a 1-2 week time for shipping from the printer to me as things can get stuck in customs for a few days. Once the fabric arrives to me, the page will be updated again with an estimated time for cutting. It can take 1-4 weeks to process the fabric, cut, ship, etc depending on the round size. By purchasing from any pre-order, you understand that there is a waiting period and you have agreed to the wait by completing your purchase. You will not be issued a refund simply because you think the wait is to long.
*We currently use 2 different printers between all our bases. Bamboo, DBP and Minky will have a longer turn around than our other bases. This will be noted in all listings containing these 3 fabrics as options. If you choose these 3 fabrics along with any others, be prepared for a slightly longer turn around time. We will not ship your order until the entirety of it arrives to Smoogie Headquarters.
*It is your job to watch the page for updates. It is not our job to personally update you every day or every week. Please pay attention to the aforementioned update places. We make these very easy to find.
*We do not recommend offering pre-sale items with our fabric until you have it in hand. Smoogie is NOT responsible for your time frames to your customers. If you have a problem with wait times, I highly recommend waiting until retail to purchase.
*Orders may not be edited once they are placed. If you are wishing to add to your order - you must do so separately. If you are wanting to change your order - you must PM AN ADMIN and we will cancel your order and have you re-do it. Pre-orders are non refundable.
*Due to fabric being custom printed, some flaws can be expected. Small white/black flecks and spots can happen and are part of the normal printing process. Colors can also occasionally go through to the back of the fabric while printing. Unless it shows through to the front and destroys the design, visibly, it is not a flaw and will not be refunded or replaced. Heathering of colors can be more common depending on the color being printed, and is not a flaw. It will not be refunded. We do not guarantee any specific color will match your colors, or any other fabric, unless previously stated that they are coordinating fabrics. Flaws smaller than a quarter are acceptable and will not be refunded. Anything bigger than a quarter will be sold as seconds. Smudges/printing marks can also be expected on the selvages of the fabric and are normal up to 4 inches into the sides of the fabric. We leave these to optimize your cutting area. Thin streaks or smudging is acceptable as long as it does not exceed a 6 inch line, on any portion of the fabric. Flecks can be found occasionally across a yard. Unless these flecks are in a mass amount, (25+ per yard), they will not be refunded. Plastic tags can also occasionally be left in the greige of the fabric after the fabric is printed. You will not be refunded or have anything replaced based on these tags. Refunds not within this normal flaw range will be refunded on an inch per yard basis. In the event we deem the yard completely unusable based on the flaws, you will be sent a replacement/refunded. While we have never had any issues with major shrinkage or fading – all fabrics are prone to slight shrinkage and eventual wearing/fading after lots of washes – especially darker colors. This is not a flaw, this is normal wear and tear on fabrics. Due to the process of “sueding” that DBP goes through to become so soft, this fabric can be more prone to wear more quickly. We are not responsible for the wear and tear of each fabric or how you wash/use/wear/etc your fabric. Once any fabric/merchandise is in your hands and has been washed, cut, etc, the responsibility falls to the buyer on how they care for their fabric. All shrinkage issues must be handled BEFORE washing/cutting. Measure and look at your fabric when receiving! Once you have washed and cut your fabric, we do not cover it under our policies.
*Pre-Order pricing includes all fees including shipping to me. (This does NOT include shipping to you.) Pre-order pricing is discounted and retail will not be the same. You may NOT purchase retail at the same time as the pre-order. Any orders made where you also order retail will have the retail portion refunded with a note that you must place a separate order. In the event you ordered retail with your pre-order and we do not catch it, we do not and cannot guarantee the fabric will still be available when your pre-order arrives, and you will be refunded at that time if it is not.
*If you choose the incorrect shipping at checkout - you will be invoiced for the remainder once the pre-order arrives. You will also have a .30 cent fee added on to your invoice due to the extra time this takes to invoice and process your order.
*Duties calculated into the price of the pre-orders are ESTIMATES. If the duties on the fabric are higher than were calculated, the extra will be divided between all pre-orders. You are responsible for paying your portion. Your order will not be shipped until this is paid.
*We currently accept paypal and credit cards via the website. E-CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. We will only ship to the address listed on your paypal. Your order cannot be transferred or sent to anyone other than the person listed on your paypal payment. It is your responsibility, not mine, to make sure your address is correct in paypal. If you need to change your address, you can find the form to do so in the files. Old payments cannot be changed, and we will not re-invoice because you moved. In all other circumstances, fill out the change of address form.
*All fabric is a combination of original artwork, clip art, seamless designs, photos and prints that we have a commercial license for. While Smoogie does our best to make things unique to us, even when using design papers, occasionally you may find we run things that other groups have run, or other groups run things similar to what we have run. This is completely normal. Some of our favorite artists to use are completely public and sell to everyone as no one owns them. Smoogie will never do any inspired fabrics that cross a line legally.
*We do offer layaway options. More information can be found below in the “Layaway Information” area.
*We do not offer refunds because you are having buyer’s remorse or because you think that a pre-order is taking “to long”.
*We do not offer refunds because you received the fabric and imagined something different. The strike offs, seamstress photos, etc are what the fabric will look like, minus very small color differences when printing (Up to 15% is acceptable range of color difference). Strike off photos and seamstress photos offer a good range to show what the fabric looks like in different lights. We obtain strike offs for each round beforehand, where you can see printed versions. 5-15% color differences are normal and can happen not only with each round and base, but sometimes even each roll. This is not a flaw and will not be refunded. Anything that WE consider an out of range flaw, we will contact you and offer a refund on that specific item before shipping, or a discounted price.
*Seamstress photos of the fabric may be slightly edited for vibrancy and lighting. Fabrics can also look very different in natural light vs direct sunlight vs artificial light. Make sure you refer to both the strike off flat photos as well as the seamstress photos to see if there are any differences in how the fabric looks. It is your responsibility to check this before purchasing. We do not offer refunds based on your decision to only look at the design and not the strike offs before purchasing.
*All purchases are non refundable.
*Customers will have 7 days after their package is registered as delivered with USPS to inspect the fabric. Any flaws found that do not fall within our flaw policy must be brought to our attention before this 7 day time frame. Please contact an admin with your order issue. Any issues or problems with your order that is brought to us after the 7 day time frame is not eligible for replacements. All issues must be brought to our attention before washing, cutting, or altering the fabric in any way. No refunds or replacements will be given at anytime after the fabric has been altered from its original condition.
*You are paying for 36 inches of fabric, unwashed. We always cut long to account for any shrinking that may happen as fabric comes off the roll, but you are not entitled to more than 36 inches. It is your job to make sure your fabric is at least 36 inches long when you receive it. We will not provide refunds based on shrinkage that has occurred after washing. We are not responsible for your wash routine.
*Sometimes fabric may be slightly crooked when cutting. As long as each side is at least 36”, this is not a flaw, and will not be refunded.
*Different types of fabric can arrive wrinkled due to usps transit, this is not a flaw, and will not be refunded. Wash your fabric as usual, the wrinkles will wash out.
*Once fabric has arrived, all cut sheets are created. We cut fabric and then batch print all labels. Please understand a shipping label being printed does NOT mean your order is going out that minute or day. We cut, print labels, pack, and ship. It would be very inefficient to print one label, pack and then move on to another. All updates can be found on the page or in the files as to when the pre-orders will begin shipping after label creation. The time frame can be anywhere from 1-4 weeks based on the round size, delays with rolls arriving, as mentioned above. This is not included in our 4-12 week time frame mentioned for printing alone.
*We do not bump any orders to the top to be shipped first. All answers to this question will be no. All orders are important and will leave in the order they are filled, no matter who it is, or the amount they spent.
*We do not combine orders any longer. It significantly delays processing time, and causes an uncessessary amount of errors. Each order will be shipped individually. All tracking is attached to your shopify order.
*If there are any issues regarding a certain print you purchased during a pre-order, you can expect updates on the main page (where you will be tagged) or in a private message, depending on the amount of people affected. We will always offer a resolution to flawed prints.
*If you believe you have been shorted or something is missing, please open your package first, unfold the fabric and look at what you received before messaging the admins. Please be prepared to have photos/video of your measured fabric to show the admins or photos of what you received and your order. All must be BEFORE washing/cutting or altering in any way. Any shortages will be refunded on an inch by inch base divided by the cost of fabric. So if you paid $22 per yard and you were 1 inch short. 22/36 = .61. The cost per inch would be .61 cents. Therefore you would receive a refund of .61 cents based on flaw (if it is not covered in the flaw policy) or shortage.
*All Changes to address must be made via the COA form - BEFORE labels are printed for the round. Otherwise your order will go the address listed on your paypal/order originally. It is your responsibility to make sure this is done, and changed on your paypal, your order, and within our forms.
*All layaway policies also apply to pre-orders.
*Any and all refunds will be processed in the form of store credit ONLY.
*Due to massive misuse of our layaway options, we have chosen to completely discontinue all form based layaway.
*All layaway orders must be placed on the website, paid with paypal and will require a downpayment upon ordering. You will have a layaway code that will be given at the beginning of each round, and be at the top of the pinned post. The minimum for layaway is $50 MINIMUM, not including shipping.
*You will have a choice between putting 25% or 50% down upon placing your layaway order at checkout. You will receive a paypal invoice that night with your remaining payment due plus shipping if you mis-chose at checkout. All will be invoiced as “pay as you go”. You have 4 weeks from the date of the round closing to pay that invoice. Reminders WILL be sent throughout this time period, with the due date.
*There will be absolutely no exceptions, no matter the reason/excuse. No delays. You may not pay this invoice late. It is due 4 weeks from the date of round closing.
*All layaway orders are subject to a $5 fee that will be invoiced with your remaining layaway order. This is to cover the transaction fees and the extra hours it takes to invoice for the layaway. Layaway fees are non refundable, do not count as part of your minimum order, and will not be counted as part of the amount you paid if you forfeit your order.
*If you do not pay your invoice after putting a down payment on the website, your order will be filled, based on your down payment, minus shipping, the $5 layaway will then be taken out of this, and you will receive my choice of yardage from your order, at retail pricing.
*Layaway is non refundable under all circumstances. When you check out, you are agreeing to a contract to pay this order.
*If no part of your order can be filled due to not paying enough, you will be issued a store credit code for the amount of the down payment minus the $5 layaway fee and a 25% restocking fee.
*Paying your initial invoice means you agree to the terms and conditions and are not eligible for a refund.
*If you end up with an unpaid layaway, you will not be allowed to purchase via layaway again.
*Issues with paypal are not Smoogie issues. It is your responsibility to call paypal if things are not showing up or going through.
*Cancelled invoices will NOT be re-invoiced under ANY circumstances.
*If you believe you have been shorted or something is missing, please open your package first, unfold the fabric and look at what you received before messaging the admins. Please be prepared to have photos/video of your measured fabric to show the admins or photos of what you received and your order. All must be BEFORE washing/cutting or altering in any way. Any shortages will be refunded on an inch by inch base divided by the cost of fabric. So if you paid $22 per yard and you were 1 inch short. 22/36 = .61. The cost per inch would be .61 cents. Therefore you would receive a refund of .61 cents based on flaw (if it is not covered in the flaw policy) or shortage.
*All pre-order policies also apply to layaway.
***Regarding Buy-Ins***
*Buy-ins are defined as groups where customers outside the USA all order together, in bulk, to save on shipping costs.
*Buy-ins and buy-in money is the responsibility of the person hosting the buy in. We cannot take responsibility for any loss of money paid to a buy-in host.
*Order info will ONLY be given to the person heading the buy-in, who has made the actual purchase with Smoogie Fabric and Design. Order info will not be given to anyone else.
*Once the pre-order/order reaches the buy-in host, it is the buy-in hosts responsibility to check all fabric for flaws/shortages, etc. As with all other customers - we must be contacted within 1 week of the registered delivery date for any shortages, flaws, etc, by the buy-in host.
*Once the pre-order/order has left the buy-in host, as the fabric has been in another persons home, exposed to their environment/family, Smoogie cannot take responsibility for any flaws/issues/shipping/shortages that may occur after this point, as it is a secondary transaction to the transaction originally processed with Smoogie.
By Purchasing, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions. 

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